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Pro Series FX Medical Scalpel Blade Special Effect Blood Rigged Prop

$ 64.00

"First, do no harm" - Hippocrates

New Improved Design! Uphold the Hippocratic Oath with our Actor Safe Blood Rigged Scalpel Prop! Designed to simulate an incision, this medical scalpel prop has a dulled blade and a small chamber which can be filled with our NewRuleFX Brand Pro Formula Stage Blood to produce the effect of a cut made on the skin! Great for set, stage and even live interactive theatrical performances, this prop will ensure that your project "makes the cut".

To use, insert the end of pipette into a container of our New RuleFX Pro Formula Washout Stage Blood, depress the bulb to squeeze out the air and then release to suck in FX blood. Wipe the end of the pipette clean, insert pipette into the guided chambers and the prop is ready to use! To activate blood effects, gently depress the bulb as you draw the dulled blade across the skin. A line of bright red blood will dispense looking like a fresh incision. Practice varying pressures and speeds when squeezing the blood bulb to produce controlled drips, gentle flows, and even squirts of blood!


Comes with a sample size container of NewRuleFX Pro Formula Stage Blood. Additional NewRuleFX Brand Pro Formula Stage Blood Sold Separately. See Blood Section for Listing.


This item is built by hand and is made to order. Please allow this product up to 3-5 business days to ship. If you need this prop in a hurry, call us! 

Approximate Size: 0.25" x 0.5" x 6.25"

Weight: 0.5 oz