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SMASHProps Breakaway Champagne Bottle Prop

$ 36.00

SMASH in the New Year or any other celebration! 

The range of applications for this breakaway champagne bottle are endless. Increasingly popular, this bottle can be made to look like: 

• Chardonnay wine bottle: order in yellow translucent.  **Please allow an addition 1-2 production days for this color choice**

• Red Syrah wine bottle: order in dark green translucent

• Champagne bottle: order in amber or clear

• Chianti bottle: Try it in red translucent

Incredibly realistic, this bottle can safely be used all sorts of ways. To christen a ship or "knock out" an actor in your production of Love, Sex, and the IRS .

For an added punch, fill bottle with a small amount of our NewRuleFX Brand Pro Formula Stage Blood to create an immediate head-wound effect! (Pro Stage Blood Sold Separately) Breaks easily upon impact. Actor safe! Some breakaways are even capable of holding room temperature liquids! Individual results will vary. (Label not included - See label section)

Approximate Size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 11" 

Weight: 8 oz