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Refill Cartomizer for Actor Cigarette Pro Prop -WHITE Color

$ 7.99

The Cartomizer is the disposable element of the Actor Cigarette Pro prop kit. It contains the atomizer assembly and the vapor cartridge combined into one threaded unit. When vapor is no longer being produced with the Actor Cigarette Pro prop and you have verified that the battery is fully charged, then you know it's time to change the Cartomizer. 


Actor Cigarette Prop Atomizers contain:

No Tobacco

No Nicotine

They employ no open flame.

They use a glycol and water based vapor liquid intended to produce smoke-like vapor. 

Mint flavoring added to provide mouth feedback that you have a good puff. 

The Actor Cigarette Pro system is intended for use by professional actors to simulate smoking on stage or screen. It is not necessary to inhale the produced vapor into the lungs to create the effect. 

Each Cartomizer refill comes with silicone seals to prevent loss of moisture in the vapor fluid. Keep these caps on when not using to prolong the life of your prop.

Dispose of used cartomizers in your household e-waste garbage.