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Breakaway Balsa Wood Props

We use balsa wood to create the collection of prop furniture, tools and other items that you see here. Because balsa wood is so light, it is far more safe than ordinary wood and many of the items here can be broken very easily. Balsa is the pros choice for creating realistic wood props that break dramatically in production and on stage. 

Balsa is naturally a light color with a coarse open grain. The wood is very soft even though it is considered a hardwood. Balsa is susceptible to scratching and denting easily. This wood finishes quickly and smoothly. Balsa takes stain and pant very all adding to it’s exceptional properties for use as props

Explore our ever-growing collection of balsa wood inspired props and supplies, then place your order for your project. Keep in mind that many of the items featured here are built to order and may take up to a week to fabricate before they are shipped. Remember to order early and order extra so that you have several takes at that dramatic scene.

Many items are available in different finishes, so be sure to read the details when making your selection.

We can build custom balsa props for all types of projects and if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for here, please Contact Us to discuss how we can create the perfect item for your project. Our friendly, experienced team is standing by. 

We employ a combination of old-world hand woodworking skills alongside the latest in computer CNC technology to process our products. We focus on craftsmanship and low price.