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Expendables & Supplies

Use it up, We've got more!

Expendable supplies can sometimes become a large expense in a project that requires a lot of resources or a play that has a long run. We at NewRuleFX understand that budgets can be tight and using those resources on things like fog juice and gaffer's tape just doesn't seem like an exciting way to spend your precious production budget.

So let us do the hard work and find great deals on some of the most popular expendable supplies. Check out what we offer and save on your next project.

If you have a specific need that you don't find here, contact us. We just might have what you need, or the resources to get it for you.

  • Movie FX Dirt Simulant - 1 POUND - 1 Pound
    Movie FX Dirt Simulant
    from $ 16.00

    Movie FX Dirt Simulant

    FX Dirt is the NewRuleFX Brand of clean movie dirt. This light brown colored, extremely fine powder fluffs and flows nicely and disperses well in a...

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    from $ 16.00
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