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Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

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The heart of our FX production facility is our talented and creative staff. Our many specialized tools and technology allow that staff to create wonderful and amazing things. 

Take a look at just a few of the tools and capabilities that we have available then let us put them to work for you.

Main Shop Floor

Cold Molding and Fabrication Shop

Silicone, Urethane, and Plaster are just a few of the many types of materials that we commonly use to make production molds of our products. The object being molded might be a  sculpted creature, or maybe it's a common household tool that will be molded to allow a rubber stunt version to be made. We have everything needed to make simple as well as highly complicated molds and the parts that come from those molds. We have great relationships with many materials suppliers and we have a tremendous working knowledge of many types of molding and casting processes. We have a high vacuum chamber system as well as pressure pots to de-gas or pressurize our molds and parts, for defect-free castings.  

Hot Casting Room

Our breakaway glass products are exclusively manufactured within a specially designed hot room that houses all the necessary materials and heating systems required for molding liquid plastic into various items, ranging from breakaway beer bottles to smashable windows and glassware. Access to this room is limited to our highly skilled and trained employees, who carry out our proprietary manufacturing process for breakaways and other hot plastics.

Full Wood & Metal Shop

We possess a fully stocked wood shop that enables us to craft our exquisite breakaway furniture, as well as various custom projects. Our artists have access to an array of larger tools, including band saws, router tables, table saws, planers, lathes, grinders, sanders, and smaller hand tools.

Wood Shop

Apart from woodworking equipment, we also have metalworking tools like welders, cutters, mills, drills, and metal lathes, which afford us great flexibility when working on metal-based projects. With our diverse range of in-house tools, we can keep your project wholly in-house, completing it swiftly and affordably.

Large Roto-Cast Machine 

Rotocasting Machine

Our roto-cast machine allows us to fabricate a wide range of hollow-shelled items. Custom built for our needs, this large machine can spin a mold in every direction, which allows plastic or other material to evenly coat the inside cavity of the mold.  Our gold bars, and many of our unbreakable props are types of objects that utilize this system. Small to large hollow molds are mounted into the center of the machine. Plastic resin, breakaway material or even plaster is poured into the mold, then the machine spins on two-axis allowing the material to flow evenly across all the surfaces. The resulting part has little or no seam lines and can be large, yet hollow and lightweight. 

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

Smal SLA Printers

3D printing has become a very important part of fabricating objects in the effects industry. The ability to model a design in a computer and rapidly transform it into a solid object in real life allows almost limitless possibilities. We utilize several different 3D printers when we need an intricate, detailed part, quickly and inexpensively.  We constantly find new ways to implement these rapidly improving technologies.

A 3D computer file can be input into the machine and by using a precision extrusion of plastic filament or a tank of UV photosensitive resins, layer by layer the object is printed into reality. We utilize both filament printers and new UV cured SLA printers. As this technology advances, we constantly review and evaluate to be among the first in the industry to adopt and utilize these amazing tools.

Large SLA Resin Printer

Four Axis CNC Router Machine

Our 4 Axis CNC machine has revolutionized our ability to build products efficiently and with amazing precision. We use this machine for a wide range of projects including precise cutting of balsa wood for our breakaway furniture, rotationally turning our Breakaway Baseball bats, as well as creating custom fitted foam packaging inserts to make sure our props get delivered without damage.

CNC Router Machine

This CNC can also be equipped with a laser head for high detailed etching and laser engraving on a variety of surfaces. We're finding new uses for this machine and this technology every day. This units support a 48x24x9 inch work capacity.


10 Watt CO2 Cutting and Etching Laser

Laser Cutter

Our laser cutter is one of our favorite fabrication tools. We can quickly iterate versions of object with speed and accuracy. We’ve been able to increase the precision of many of our balsa wood props by using this machine to accurately cut thin balsa into complex geometric shapes with minimal waste and post-processing. We also use this machine to cut and etch a number of other materials such as foam, acrylics and other plastics. This unit features a 100 watt laser tube and a 22” x 34” work area.

Vacuum Thermoforming Machine

Our custom built thermoforming machine gives us the ability to rapidly create thin, lightweight parts by drawing heated plastic quickly over a mold pattern. This allows us to also quickly create custom shaped globes, extrusions and lenses. Clear, and opaque plastics of many types can be formed using this machine. Supports a 48"x24" Sheet with up to a 10" draw.

Large Format Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl Cutting Machine

We have the ability to cut a wide range of 2D shapes, letters and other elements from vinyl.  Our wide format vinyl cutter is the same type used by many advanced sign shops, and allows us to feed rolls of vinyl and via computer control, precisely cut the vinyl according to the specifications. We not only use this to create vinyl decals and elements for our props, but also to make highly precise stencils when we need to paint something.  We can also use this as a large scale plotter to draw large layouts with a pen attachment onto a large roll of paper, allowing us to create plans and patterns for larger pieces, with accuracy and speed.

As you can see we have many types of tools available to create your next effect or prop. These are just a few of the tools and capabilities that NRFX can utilize. Of course, our talented staff are the ones that deserve the real recognition, as they are the ones that make these tools sing and create truly breathtaking art. 

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