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Foam Scimitar Butcher’s Knife Replica

$ 60.00

The Scimitar is a type of butcher’s knife that has a long, thin blade that curves upwards to the tip, similar to the Middle Eastern sword of the same name. This style of knife is mainly used for slicing meat into smaller cuts and trimming off undesirable parts. In the butcher’s arsenal it is an excellent tool for all of the meat cutting tasks! Also for other meat cutting tasks. ;)

Our foam version of the Scimitar Butcher knife is perfect for all of your horror action scenes! The blade is painted silver and the handle painted black. Made from foam rubber urethane, it is soft and actor safe. This knife is available in three style options; new, rusty and over course our favorite - Bloody!

Use caution when in direct contact with actors, as there is a wire armature inside of this prop. 

Size: 15” x 2” x  .5”

Approximate Weight: 16 oz.