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Movie Industry Considers Adopting Fake Gun Props to Mitigate Safety Risks

Movie Industry Considers Adopting Fake Gun Props to Mitigate Safety Risks

The movie industry has been under pressure to reevaluate its use of real firearms on set as more safety-conscious standards are being implemented. Tragic accidents have occurred in the past during filming that has caused harm to cast and crew, spurring the need for the adoption of inert, fake gun props.

Using fake guns eliminates the risk of accidents and ensures the safety of everyone involved in production, even the most experienced and well-trained actors and production staff. Removing real firearms from the set could significantly decrease the risk of harm.

Furthermore, fake guns offer greater convenience during filming, as real firearms require trained professionals to handle them, load and unload them, and ensure they are not accidentally fired. In contrast, anyone can handle inert, fake gun props without the need for professionals to manage them, allowing production to run more efficiently.

Using inert, fake gun props is also a more affordable solution compared to using real guns. Real guns require permits, licenses, and safety training, all of which come with a high price tag. In contrast, fake guns like the ones offered by special effects prop company, NewRuleFX are durable, realistic and are and are available for purchase for less then the cost of a typical rental. These props look and feel realistic, without the danger of live ammunition

The need for safer practices on set is being recognized, but the importance of maintaining the authenticity of the film is not being overlooked. Ryan Johnson, President of NewRuleFX, is committed to providing the movie industry with safe and authentic inert prop guns for their productions. Johnson understands the need for safer practices on set but also recognizes the importance of maintaining the authenticity of the film.

"Our inert prop guns are an excellent solution for the movie industry. They provide the look and feel of a real firearm without any of the danger. We take safety very seriously and are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety," says Johnson.

The adoption of this technology can help the movie industry move towards a safer and more sustainable future. Additionally, 3D digital animation technology can simulate the effect of a firearm discharging and the shells ejecting, allowing filmmakers to create visually striking and realistic scenes without the use of real firearms. 

There have been accidents in the past involving real firearms and blank firing weapons, leading the industry to consider new procedures for safety. In 1993, actor Brandon Lee died during the filming of "The Crow" when a blank firing weapon malfunctioned. More recently, Alec Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of "Rust" in October 2021. These incidents have spurred the need for safer practices on set

Johnson asserts: “The adoption of fake gun props in movie production is a practical and necessary step to ensure safety on set. This approach offers greater convenience and affordability while allowing filmmakers to create authentic and visually stunning scenes.” The industry is taking steps towards a safer and more sustainable future, and the support of this approach is a critical part of that effort.

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