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Props, Podcasts, and Positivity

Props, Podcasts, and Positivity

Greetings Survivors 

That’s what we are now, right? I wanted to reach out and say hello and share a few things in the world of NewRuleFX with you. 

Listen to Ryan on a Podcast

RJ preparing for his remote podcast interviews.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Steve Olivas for his awesome podcast; The Commute. His show is a fun, fast paced program where he interviews people from all walks of life and discusses what they do, how they got started and of course lots of entertaining detours along the way. 

The interview was conducted exactly one week after we had to shut down our entire NewRuleFX operation. I was in a pretty low place. There was a lot of uncertainty and a general feeling of doom during that time. Not that it’s all subsided, it’s just different now. Steve snapped me right out of it! He was up-beat and interested and we both had a blast talking about movies, my early entrepreneurial exploits and of course the path I took breaking stuff for a living. I really enjoyed speaking with Steve for his show. Take a listen, I think you’ll agree. It’s a refreshing escape from the dreary, dreadful news! 
The Commute Podcast

Check out the new website updates

While I’m here, I’d like to invite you to take a moment to check out the NewRuleFX website. Specifically the product pages. If you poke around I’m sure you’ll notice a LOT of new items in there. Many new treasures hidden throughout the categories for you to discover. We’ve added about 100 new items to our product line-up and we’re still adding more! We’re working away at new images, more detailed descriptions and more options. We’re still working on this, so expect to see changes daily all the way through May!

“But, I need props now!”

Jessica Jones with a NewRuleFX prop.

If you listened to the podcast by now, you'd know that we made props for Jessica Jones (pictured above) AND that we have a new Ready to Go prop collection.

We’ve created a new collection of items that are all the props that we have in stock, and can be shipped out within a weeks time. These are props that we had built or sourced prior to the lockdown and so we are able to ship these items out with little delay. Most of the other custom and breakaway props, while still available for ordering, won’t be able to be shipped until after our full crew has been permitted to safely return to work. Our Ready to Go collection has over 150 items across all categories that we have right now! Do check it out, and order now, as this stock will be depleted quickly.

I’m OK, you OK?

How are you? What new things have you done, learned, discovered during this crazy time? Feel free to reach out and say hi. This has been a really stressful time, but knowing that I’m not the only one going through it helps keep me in check. 
Thank you. Thanks for all the referrals and the business, even when things are tight. 

Please stay safe and healthy,

Ryan Johnson, President
New Rule Productions, Inc. /
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